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How to Prevent Back Pain While Working From Home

How to Prevent Back Pain While Working from Home

Since the onset of the Covid-19 epidemic, most of us have spent many hours hooked over spontaneous workstations on coffee tables, kitchen islands, and beds. With the raised levels of anxiety and stress, very few chances of upended habits and movements, working from home might be a great ingredient for neck pain and back pain. At Dr. Phillips Chiropractic Nutrition and Wellness, we specialize in handling spine, head, and neck misalignments through careful spine manipulations. Visit our clinic in San Antonio for a regular checkup by our expert chiropractors. Since most of us lack access to a chiropractor, below are some effective tips to help you minimize neck pain and back pain while working from your home.

How to Improve Your Work-From-Home 

Here is the recommended checklist by Dr. Donald Phillips to correctly position your back, arms, and head while working:

Back: ensure that your spine is in the appropriate position. In whichever seat you are stuck with, it is possible to optimize it. Ensure that your feet are touching the ground and with your knees hooked ninety degrees or somewhat extended. Try your best not to place your feet on the chair's lungs since that can eventually trigger tension to your lower spine. Slouching may be unhealthy; however, sitting on your back is also excessively straight. Utilize a lumbar pillow to maintain your back's natural S bent to curve and ensure to equally spread energy to all backbones. And if you are able enough, working in a high-quality seat is considerably worth it.

Arms: you should hang your arms freely at your sides and with the elbows hooked around ninety degrees. Maintain your wrists parallel on the ground in an unbiased point; for instance, utilizing an external monitor is always handy with this. Also, purchasing an ergonomic mouse is ideal for individuals with wrist issues.

Head: ensure that your computer screen is at eye level to accurately align your head. If you are using a laptop, make sure you support it with some boxes and old books. Our chiropractors recommend linking an old mouse and keyboard on your PC.

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Dr. Phillips is a reliable San Antonio based chiropractor with over 30 years of experience in offering persons pain relief. As a specialist, he is devoted to providing every patient a non-invasive and natural relief for all pain symptoms. Dr. Phillip can achieve this via universal care, which focuses on treating the base cause of the issue, not only the signs. Our chiropractor is a nutritionist and can help clients who desire to fine-tune their general well-being; they even offer tips on losing calories. We offer a wide range of therapies for different health conditions. Call us now at (210) 545-1144 to book an appointment.

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