Herniated Disc Treatment

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What Is a Herniated Disk?

Your spine is made up of an alternating series of bones, called vertebrae, and cartilage, a softer, more flexible material cushioning those bones, called discs. The whole spinal column encases a nerve, the spinal cord, which transmits messages from the brain throughout the body governing every action we take. Careful attention to the spinal cord and its protective casing, the spinal column of vertebrae and discs, is vital to your health.

Occasionally, an accident, overwork, or even a sports injury can cause one of the cartilage discs to be compressed and bulge out of place in the spinal column. This mishap is known as a herniated disc, although it can sometimes be called a slipped or ruptured disc.

The result of a herniated disc is usually intense back or neck pain, though it can also cause joint pains and arm and leg pains. There are conservative forms of treatment to help with this problem.

Treating Herniated Disks with Chiropractic Care

Conventional medical treatment often uses surgery to remove or repair the disc. Chiropractic medical treatment, in contrast, offers a range of non-surgical treatments that are relatively safe, less expensive, and have been clinically shown to be effective.

In chiropractic treatment for slipped discs, the chiropractor will first completely evaluate the health of the patient. This holistic approach might include recommending changes in diet and exercise to strengthen the patient and improve overall wellness since chiropractic care aims to help improve well-being rather than treat symptoms. In treating the disc itself, the usual chiropractic method involves non-surgical spinal decompression, spinal manipulation and other modalities. The chiropractor, either manually or with the assistance of tools, adjusts the patient's spine. In addition, since back pain often involves pinched nerves from the disc herniation, spinal decompression may also help the patient's symptoms.

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