The joint that connects your jawbone to your skull is the temporomandibular joint. This joint acts like a sliding hinge. This is the joint that allows your jaw to move up and down so that you can talk, eat, chew, and yawn. Many people have issues with this joint and the condition is called temporomandibular disorders or TMD. Many people refer to this condition as TMJ, after the name of the joint. Dr. Phillips Chiropractic Nutrition and Wellness in San Antonio can provide TMJ treatment and much-needed pain relief.

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What Causes TMJ?

In many cases, the cause of TMJ is unknown. This condition is common if sustained an injury to your jaw or the joint itself. If you were in an accident where you suffered a strong blow to the head or whiplash, it could result in TMJ. Causes of this condition that are unrelated to an accident or injury include:

    • Grinding or clenching your teeth while sleeping puts a great deal of pressure on the joint causing TMJ.
    • Arthritis in the joint
    • Stress which can cause you to tighten your jaw muscles or clench your teeth

Your doctor will be able to diagnose the direct cause of your TMJ at their clinic.

What Are the Symptoms Of TMJ?

The most common symptom of TMJ is pain. In some cases, the pain is temporary. In others, the pain can last for years. Other symptoms of this condition include:

    • Tenderness and pain in your jaw, neck, face, or shoulders. The pain can become worse when you chew, speak, or when you open your mouth wide.
    • Difficulty opening your mouth
    • The jaw can get stuck either in the open or closed position
    • Clicking or popping in your jaw when you open and close your mouth
    • An uncomfortable bite where it feels as though your upper and lower teeth don't fit together properly
    • Swelling in the face

How Is TMJ Treated?

There are a few ways that TMJ can be treated.

    • Medication: High dose NSAIDs can be prescribed to treat the swelling and pain. If stress is the cause for the condition, anti-anxiety or antidepressants would be prescribed.
    • Nightguard: A plastic mouthpiece can be worn at night to keep you from clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth.
    • Chiropractic care: A chiropractor can perform an adjustment that would reduce the pressure on various nerves. This can help alleviate the pain associated with TMJ.

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