Spinal Decompression FAQs

Dr. Phillips Chiropractic in San Antonio Uses Spinal Decompression

Back pain, inflammation and weakness interfere with your daily life. When you live in pain, you are not an active participant in your personal or work life, since part of you is always focused on the pain. Dr. Phillips, our San Antonio chiropractor, offers a non-invasive solution to your back pain, especially if compression between the discs is causing problems with your spine. San Antonio residents and members as well as community members of surrounding areas such as China Grove and Terrell Hills are encouraged to speak with Dr. Phillips before resorting to spinal decompression surgery. Doctor explaining spinal decompression

Spinal Decompression FAQ's from Our Chiropractor

How Does The Spinal Decompression Work?

Dr. Phillips uses a special table to decompress your spine. You are secured to the table and then the table moves through a variety of angles that reduce the pressure on your spine. The session alternates between states of reduced pressure and rest so that your spine naturally adjusts to the increased space between the vertebrae.

When Will I Feel Results?

Most patients feel an immediate sense of pain relief. When the compression is removed from the discs, which are pressing on the nerves, pain is reduced. As blood flow increases to the injured area, healing takes place quicker and you experience a reduction in pain and inflammation.

Does It Last?

As your spine learns to return to a healthy alignment, the results stay with you. The space created between the vertebrae on the decompression table reminds your spine of what healthy feels like. The amazing ability of the body to heal and restore itself is what chiropractic care is all about.

How Does It Compare To Decompression Surgery?

Spinal decompression surgery is invasive and as with all surgeries, carries with it a risk of infection or side effects from the anesthesia or medications. In contrast, a spinal decompression table is non-invasive and non-medicinal. It is a natural approach to decompressing your spine and returning you to a healthy state. According to The Cochrane Database of Systemic Review in January of 2016, there is little evidence to support which decompression method provides better results. Therefore, choosing a non-invasive approach with fewer side effects is the one our San Antonio chiropractor recommends.

How Often Will I Repeat The Decompression?

This answer depends on your condition and on how fast your spine responds to the decompression table. We will develop a chiropractic care plan together that fits your scheduling and health needs. As you begin to see and feel the results, you want to continue your treatments to solidify your progress.

Is There Any Pain?

Most patients do not experience pain during decompression treatments. You may experience the exact opposite- a relief from pain. The goal is to reduce your discomfort, improve your healing and help you recover from an injury or chronic condition. The increased circulation which brings nutrients and oxygen to your injured tissue, promote a speedy recovery.

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