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Weight Loss

Lose Weight Fast with Your San Antonio Chiropractor

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Millions of people struggle daily to find the perfect balance between work, family responsibilities, exercise, and self-care to achieve health and vitality. Mastering the art of balancing all of the different areas in your life helps you maintain a healthy weight. If you have tried to lose weight without success, we invite you to talk to Dr. Phillips about the role chiropractic support services and nutritional counseling play in helping you reach your goal.

Understanding the Difference between Overeating and Malnutrition

Many people assume that simply eating less is the optimum solution for shedding a few pounds. Actually, malnutrition, eating the wrong foods, contributes significantly to obesity today. Empty calories cannot support your body's natural ability to function properly and fight disease.

It surprises many people to learn you can eat more and feel more satisfied with consuming foods rich in vital nutrients and minerals rather than focusing on limiting daily caloric intake. Over the past twenty-five years, Dr. Phillips has helped San Antonio residents embark on a weight loss program that allows them to lose excess weight and achieve health and wellness.

Winning the War against Chronic Disease with Proper Nutrition

Malnutrition changes the way your body metabolizes food. Years of consuming high-fat, high-carb foods inhibit the natural insulin response. When the body cannot effectively supply muscles and joints with the energy it needs, people become more accident prone. Sluggish metabolism leads to excess fat storage, which leads to more weight and a greater risk of developing additional health problems.

Proactively taking control of your weight gives you an opportunity to improve chronic disease management, and in some cases prevent conditions like heart disease, Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke risk and depression from developing. Studies show that adopting a well-balanced nutrition plan and regular exercise can reverse Type II diabetes and often reduces the number of medication people must take to manage other chronic conditions.

Dr. Phillips Chiropractic, Nutrition and Wellness Program for Weight Loss

Weight management is about so much more than just hitting a magic number on the scale. Excess pounds affect the way you look, feel and respond to the world around you. Our nutrition and wellness program tackles physical, emotional and mental stimuli preventing you from achieving your goals. Using state-of-the-art testing and treatment technology, Dr. Phillips works closely with each of our San Antonio patients to find the root cause of their obesity. We test for allergies, hormonal imbalances and a nerve impingement in the spinal column that may be contributing to an inability to manage weight effectively. Then, we design an individualized program to help you work toward achieving overall health and wellness. Achieving proper nutrition and wellness isn't a temporary solution. Dr. Phillips encourages patients to make dramatic lifestyle changes that result in lifelong fitness.  Dial (210) 545-1144 to learn more about our weight loss chiropractic support and nutritional counseling today.

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