Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Treatment in San Antonio

Shoulder pain can interrupt your daily activities and impact your quality of life. Here at Dr. Phillips Chiropractic Nutrition & Wellness, we work with many patients who suffer from shoulder pain. Dr. Phillips and his team provide a range of natural, non-invasive options to help patients find pain relief and prevent further injury on their shoulders and arms.

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Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can range in severity from mildly irritating to debilitating, restricting a patient’s movement. The severity of the pain and the best course of treatment will depend on the cause of the shoulder pain. Here are just a few of the common conditions that can cause pain in the shoulder area:

  • Dislocated Shoulder – This occurs when the upper arm bone pops out of the socket in the shoulder.
  • Shoulder Bursae – This condition occurs when the small fluid-filled sacs in your shoulder meant to reduce friction become irritated or inflamed.
  • Frozen Shoulder – This condition causes stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint that can worsen over time.
  • Rotator Cuff Injury – When the group of muscles and tendons surrounding the shoulder joint sustain injury, this can cause a dull ache in the shoulder area.
  • Strains & Sprains – You can also strain or sprain the shoulder when you stretch or tear the ligaments in this area.
  • Tendinitis – This condition occurs when there is irritation or inflammation in the shoulder tendons.

If you have sustained injuries or trauma from an auto accident or sports injury, you may also experience shoulder pain.  

How our Chiropractor in San Antonio Can Help Treat Shoulder Pain

To diagnose shoulder pain and the potential causes, our chiropractor performs a physical examination of the patient. During this time, he reviews health history and asks questions about the patient’s condition and habits.  He may order x-rays or other tests if necessary to determine the root cause of the shoulder pain.

The chiropractic team at Dr. Phillips Chiropractic uses a range of techniques to help the patient manage shoulder pain and relieve swelling and discomfort without the need for medication or more invasive procedures. Our chiropractor provides gentle chiropractic adjustments to reduce misalignments in the shoulder joints and spine, helping to reduce inflammation and improve range of motion. The doctor will also recommend specific exercises to help the patient manage pain and heal injuries over time.

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