Rotator Cuff Injury

When the muscles or tendons around the shoulder joint become torn, inflamed, or otherwise irritated, rotator cuff injuries can happen. Left untreated, these injuries can cause chronic pain, discomfort, and a reduced range of motion in the shoulder. Dr. Phillips Chiropractic Nutrition and Wellness in San Antonio, TX offers relief for rotator cuff pain.


What Is a Rotator Cuff Injury? 

The Cleveland Clinic reports that millions of Americans suffer rotator cuff-related injuries, including tears and complete separation between bones, joints, tendons, and muscles. 

People who suffer from rotator cuff injuries may experience chronic pain and reduced quality of life due to the dull aching in the muscle group surrounding the shoulders. These injuries are commonly reported as people begin to age. They are also reported by people who have been in an accident, those who work jobs that require repetitive motion, and athletes who sustain sports injuries. 

Treatment Options

The good news is you don't have to suffer from rotator cuff pain; there are natural treatment options to help you get natural pain relief and heal from this potentially debilitating condition. 


An experienced chiropractor can use manual manipulation techniques to mobilize muscles, joints, and soft tissues to reduce pain and inflammation around the rotator cuff and relieve long-time sufferers of these potentially debilitating shoulder injuries. 

Therapeutic modalities can also help resolve issues with sciatic nerve pain, sciatica pain, and unrelated back pain causes that affect your quality of life. 

Chiropractic Care 

When you get chiropractic care from a licensed chiropractor at Dr. Phillips Chiropractic Nutrition and Wellness for chronic back pain causes, sciatic treatment, or rotator cuff treatment, the goal is to help you or your loved one restore your range of motion in the area by gradually increasing flexibility.

Your San Antonio, TX chiropractor will work with you to help reverse the negative effects of a torn rotator cuff by using a variety of strength-restoring exercises and the latest chiropractic therapies that promote healing and physical rehabilitation. 

Chiropractor Care for Rotator Cuff Injuries

A licensed chiropractor can use various natural techniques to relieve pain and improve mobility for people suffering from rotator cuff injuries. 

Your chiropractor will assess your rotator cuff injury during your initial consultation and work with you to develop a treatment plan to help you heal your injury and reduce the effects of chronic pain. 

Our chiropractic team will recommend a series of exercises and chiropractic treatments to help you or your loved ones recover from injuries associated with a damaged rotator cuff. 

Compassionate Care from Our San Antonio, TX, Chiropractor

When you're ready to get relief from rotator cuff injury pain or sciatica relief, our professional chiropractic team can help. Contact Dr. Phillips Chiropractic Nutrition and Wellness at 210-545-1144 to schedule a consultation and get pain relief today! 


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