Soft Tissue Therapy

Active Therapy and Soft Tissue Therapy Can Increase Mobility and Reduce Pain

Dr. Phillips Chiropractic Nutrition and Wellness offers premium chiropractic care to the people of San Antonio, TX. We treat patients who are dealing with joint pain, chronic pain, acute pain from a recent injury, and we help patients achieve their health goals with chiropractic massage and active therapy. If you have been injured, are dealing with regular or recurring pain, or if you want to achieve a specific athletic goal, this year call for a consultation and begin on your own path to full-body health and wellness.


How Can Soft Tissue Therapy in Conjunction with Active Therapy Improve Both Mobility and Pain?

A comprehensive care plan for injuries is better than simply trying one thing and hoping for the best. A two-fold approach to healing and pain management that includes training of the areas that need strength building and soft tissue massage, hot/cold therapy, and muscle group working will be more effective than a plan that implements only one of these. We offer comprehensive treatment options to fully heal your injuries instead of temporarily masking them.

Recovery Starts with a Phone Call

If you have been injured in a car or work injury, or if you deal with pain on a daily basis, and if you are ready to heal and recover fully, the first step is a phone call to our health and wellness center. We offer a variety of services to ease your muscle and joint pain including chiropractic massage, soft tissue therapy, active therapy, sports chiropractic care, and much more. If you are in pain, call a chiropractor who cares and who will perform treatments to make you feel like a hundred percent again. It all starts with you reaching out and taking that first step to improved health and reduced pain with a team of experts who care about your well-being.

Contact Us Today for Your Consultation

Call to schedule your appointment with the skilled chiropractor at Dr. Phillips Chiropractic Nutrition and Wellness. You may have believed that your reduced mobility and pain levels were your new normal after your work injury, but we would like to upgrade your vitality and decrease your pain. Call for a consultation to see how chiropractic care at a health and wellness center that focuses on the whole body as a system can help you. We serve San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Call today, (210) 545-1144.


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