Joint Pain

At Dr. Phillips Chiropractic Nutrition and Wellness, we have provided residents of San Antonio, TX, with natural and effective joint pain treatment for many years. Aging populations or sports enthusiasts tend to experience a higher accumulation of joint pain through lack of movement in the elderly or participation in stressful activities during sports for athletes. Inflammation increases when you forego treatment and continue to go about your daily routine with little to no chiropractic care. Read on to learn more about how we treat joint pain.


Our San Antonio Chiropractor Can Help Relieve Your Pain

At Dr. Phillips Chiropractic Nutrition and Wellness, we strive to treat your entire body with an overall wellness approach. After you meet with our chiropractor during the initial consultation to discuss your customized plan, you'll receive a thorough check-up (including an x-ray, if necessary and proper diagnosis to determine the cause of the joint pain), followed by a spinal adjustment to ease tension and promote circulation.

Depending on the severity of your inflammation, Dr. Phillips will then recommend a variety of chiropractic services, including:

  • Cold Laser Therapy: Helps treats damaged tissue to aid in healing
  • Spinal and Postural Screenings: Reveals important overall health information to improve well-being
  • Nutritional Consultations: May help achieve total health and balance with food and supplements that aim to heal and protect the body
  • Lifestyle Guidance for Sports Injuries: Recommendations on proper workplace ergonomics and sports injury prevention
  • Corrective Exercises: Exercises and stretching guidelines to help correct the irregularities in the body and promote balanced strength and healing 

When the whole of the body is working in sync as guided by our experienced staff and chiropractor, there is an entire shift in how the body continues to move and perform daily activities. If one part of your spinal and cervical region is out of whack, your entire system responds with weakness and joint pain.

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