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Workers Compensation Treatment from Our San Antonio, TX Chiropractor

When you get hurt on the job, you have enough to worry about–from not knowing whether you'll be able to return to work to file for workers compensation or having to pay out of pocket for treatment. During the entire process, you can find relief from your pain and discomfort, so you have one less problem to stress over. Our natural treatments allow you to find relief and focus on the rest of your worker's compensation claim.

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Common Workers Compensation Injuries

Workplace injuries are a common occurrence that leads to having to take time away from your job. Slips and falls in your place of employment are oftentimes attributed to neglect on the owner's part. If a floor is wet or uneven, it puts you at risk of slipping and sustaining injuries to your back and other areas of your body. The most common form of injuries in the workplace is a back injury, from lifting heavy objects repeatedly, sitting for a long period of time or carrying heavy objects incorrectly. Throughout the years, if you perform the same motions over and over again, you might develop acute or chronic pain that interferes with your ability to work.

How a Chiropractor Treats Workers Compensation Injuries

A chiropractor can perform a spinal realignment, this particular treatment consists of a chiropractic specialist using manual manipulation to realign the spine. This helps to relieve back pain, especially if you suffer from a herniated or damaged discs. It allows the blood to better flow to the area in order to promote healing and take pressure off of pinched nerves. We also use cold therapy to help our patients who are suffering from muscle pain and tenderness. By applying cold therapy to an injury, we help reduce the inflammation you have in the area. The cold applied to the area also helps to alleviate some of the pain and discomforts you may have. 

Our chiropractic specialist might perform spinal decompression on your back. The procedure consists of a device that gently stretches the spine in order to allow blood to flow more optimally to a damaged disc, which promotes healing. It also can take pressure off of the discs, so they're able to heal. We may recommend massage therapy in order to reduce your discomfort. Our worker's compensation patients are also able to undergo a treatment that utilizes exercise to restore function and range of motion. 

Common Work Injuries in San Antonio

At Dr. Phillips Chiropractic, Nutrition and Wellness, we have over 25 years of experience in dealing with a variety of workplace injuries. We understand the importance of not only alleviating your pain but of doing so in a safe, timely manner so that you can get back to work. Our comprehensive and “whole body” wellness-centered chiropractic care can effectively address the following injuries at their source so you can return to work as quickly as possible, feeling as good as new...and probably even better than you did before the injury.

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Types of Work-Related Injuries We Can Help With

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are some of the most common types of workplace injuries. Even in unlikely places such as a small office setting, the presence of computer cords or rug kinks may turn a trip to the coffee maker into an emergency room visit. Whether you sustain a slight sprain or a dislocated joint, our targeted techniques such as spinal decompression and physiotherapy can help to greatly accelerate the healing process.

Auto Accidents

Work-related auto accidents become doubly frustrating because, in addition to dealing with your injury, you’re also faced with trying to figure out what type of worker’s compensation benefits you may be entitled to. We’ve worked with many patients using their worker's comp insurance and, although specific benefits may vary from person to person, getting a prompt chiropractic exam after your accident is a crucial step. A chiropractor can detect injuries that may not be outwardly apparent or that may not initially cause problems. Having an accurate assessment of the possible extent of your injuries will help you, and the insurance company, have a much better understanding of the costs of medical care you’ll need and what you’ll be able to claim or recoup from workers comp insurance.

Fall to Lower Level

This could be a serious or minor injury depending on the height from which you fell, but in either case, a chiropractic exam can quickly help to identify whether you’ve suffered any musculoskeletal breaks, fractures or bruises. As with any type of fall, joints can easily be shifted out of place and spinal misalignments can occur. These type of injuries are our specialty and the quicker we can examine you after your accident, the faster we can relieve your pain.

Struck Against an Object

The effects of falling on or against an object can vary according to the size and shape of the object. Falling on a small object, such as a ball, may seem like a minor incident and you may not initially feel any pain. However, having your body weight falling onto a small object can cause shifts in the spine, rupture a spinal disc or hit a nerve. Again, these are injuries that may remain hidden for a while before you feel affected by them. A quick chiropractic x-ray can pinpoint the location of the injury and put you on the path to healing before it becomes a problem.

Struck by an Object

Whereas other types of workplace injuries might initially yield no physical evidence, being struck by an object may not only be immediately painful but it can often leave a visible bruise. And although the bruise may not prevent you from working, it can cause some amount of discomfort or inflammation. We can address these issues by using treatments such as cold therapy and therapeutic massage to reduce swelling and soothe stressed nerves.

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